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We can only accept inquiries in Japanese or English.

Please refrain from entering any personal information such as your address or name.

*For more information about the facilities, please visit the official website of each facility or contact it by telephone.

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Handling of Personal Information

This website gathers the personal information of its users to the extent necessary in order for smooth operation of the services provided (provision of information through this website, accepting inquiries and comments etc.). Based on the "Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information (Ordinance N0. 113 of 1990)"(hereinafter referred to as "the Ordinance"), we shall take appropriate measures as shown below in order to maintain a website that is comfortably used by our users.

[What is personal information]

Personal information refers to information received by the government of Tokyo through this website that can identify a specific individual, such as address, name, telephone number, email address etc.

[Regarding the scope of use]

Details of personal information are used only within this website and will not be used for other linked websites. Organizations running other linked websites are responsible for the handling of personal information on their respective websites.

[Regarding the gathering of personal information]

As a general rule, the personal information gathered through this website by the government of Tokyo shall be provided (registered) willingly by the user.

We will state the purpose of gathering personal information when requesting for personal information.

The minimum necessary amount of personal information required to fulfill the stated purpose shall be gathered.

[Restrictions on the use of personal information]

The personal information provided (registered) by users of this website will be used solely for the purpose stated beforehand. The gathered personal information shall not be used by concerning implementing bodies (*) for other purposes nor will it be provided to other implementing bodies, except as otherwise provided by the Ordinance.

However, statistical information regarding user attributes that do not include any personal information may be publicized.

* "Implementing bodies" refers to those that handle personal information such as the governor of Tokyo, the administrative commission, public enterprise directors, fire department chief, and head of administrative organs designated by the regulations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

[Management of personal information]

The gathered personal information shall be strictly managed by the website administrator while appropriate measures shall be taken in order to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use, and distortion.

The operations of this website may be outsourced to an external party, however the external party shall also take the same appropriate measures.

[Regarding user information apart from personal information]

This website automatically gathers Internet domain names, IP addresses, and information of browser environments of this website (hereinafter referred to as "non-personal user information").

Gathered non-personal user information are limited to those used for the purpose of improving the usability of this website, and shall only be used for this purpose. However, statistical access data of this website and information regarding browser environment may be publicized.

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