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Kichijoji / Mitaka / Tama / Machida area

Kichijoji / Mitaka / Tama / Machida Kichijoji / Mitaka / Tama / Machida

The Kichijoji area is popular as it is livable and has easy access from central Tokyo. Within walking distance of Kichijoji Station, there is the lush Inokashira Park, Hamonika Yokocho Street with many standing bars, and large commercial facilities. Inokashira Park is also within walking distance from Mitaka Station in the Mitaka area adjacent to the Kichijoji area. The Ghibli Museum, Mitaka is one of the highlights of this area. Machida, Chofu, Koganei, Kokubunji, and Musashino areas are known as bedroom communities in Tokyo with a natural environment, and are also dotted with historical spots.

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